Powerchair hockey is the only one action, collective sport for people with the most difficult forms of physical disability. This sport came to the Czech Republic in 2003. Basis is to have an electric wheelchair. The rules are adapted so that it truly was a sport for everyone. Powerchair Hockey players can play regardless of their physical capabilities. Just when the player is in any way able to control your electric wheelchair. We recognize 2 types of players in Powerchair Hockey:
H-stick The total number of players on the field is five per team. Three of them play with a classical Hockey Stick (H-stick), they can have it, for example, attached to a hand - these are called "hooks" in the local hanty. These players control the ball, make up the game and shoot goals. There are also 2 players with the so-called T-stick ("t-stick"), one of them is keeper.
T-stick What is the T-stick different about? This is a special T-shaped stick that is fixed to the wheelchair. The player controls the ball by moving his wheelchair. This stick is used by players who can not keep a classic stick. These may be, for example, the players who control their wheelchair by mouth. The role of these players, however, is no less important than "hookers". Expect of goalkeeper, whose meaning is unquestionable, there is a "T-stick" in the field whose main task is to create so-called blocks. In practice, it means that the movement of its wheelchair creates space for its attackers or vice versa, in the defensive phase, makes life unpleasant to the opponent attackers.