Prague Powerchair open is the traditional International Powerchair Hockey tournament organized by New Cavaliers Prague every year since 2010.
A tournament for 9 years of existence has been attended by hundreds of European players, from Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark or Finland.
The competition in Powerchair Hockey is not the only driving force of our tournaments. Prague Powerchair open is the place for meetings, emotions and unforgettable sports, social and travel experiences.
We are very happy from a significant interest in this year of the tournament. We will welcome in Prague, one of the most beautiful European cities, seven foreign and two Czech teams this year:
Haukiputaan Heitto (Finland)
Mixed NRW team 2018 (Germany)
Iron Cats (Switzerland)
GP Bulls (Netherlands)
Alma Madracs Udine (Italy)
ASD Dolphins Ancona H.C. (Italy)
Macron Warriors (Italy)
New Cavaliers Prague (CZE)
Jaguars Praha (CZ)
Prague Powerchair open for us one of the most important events of the year and therefore its preparation pay maximum attention. This year’s year is especially important for us because it takes place on the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic. We want to contribute, among other things, to the celebration of the Czech sport, which was at the birth of our independent republic. Sport has been able to fill us with a sense of patriotism and pride at any time.
We prepare a comfortable background and a busy sports program with the organizing team and with the help of volunteers for the participants. Our goal is always to provide participants with the best of what we can. Comfortable, barrier-free accommodation, quality sports hall, delicious catering and, last but not least, a fascinating closing ceremony. We firmly believe that you will enjoy 9. Prague Powerchair open. We look forward to you.