Game schedule

Dear participants and friends here is the game plan. We are sorry for delay, but due to the illness of trouble makers we have changed the game plan. We have done our best for the system to be fair for all teams and everybody will be able to play good game with each other and also every team will have enough time for a rest. The advantage of the new system is that on the playground every team will meet each other. We are looking forward to many images and charming powerchair hockey.

Event schedule

26. 10. 2018 – 29. 10. 2018

26. 10. 2018 Schedule Place Notice
 16:00-22:00 arrival of participants Jedlicka Institute please inform our contact person about the time of your arrival
Markéta Štefanová, tel +420606630209,
27. 10. 2018
 09:00-09:30 arrival of participants to sport hall Sports hall at least 30 minutes before the match starts
 09:00-17:00 game program Sports hall lunch will be held at the entrance of the sports hall, 29 and 30 September 2017 always between 11 and 14 pm
game schedule will be published before September 15, 2018
 28. 10. 2018
 09:00-15:30 groups, semifinals, final matches Sports hall the program will be specified after the closing of the applications, the schedule of the match will be published before September 15, 2018
 18:00-24:00 closing ceremony Hotel Pyramida game schedule will be published before August 15, 2017
 29. 10. 2018
do 10:00  departure  Jedlicka Institute

Closing ceremony 28.10.2018

1st part (private company) Program Info
 17:45-18:30 arrival of participations Parking: +420 606 630 209
18:30 – 18:45 opening
 18:45-20:00 closing dinner Hotel Pyramida
2nd part (publicly accessible)
 20:00-20:10 dance show Ilusias
 20:10-20:25 individual awards
 20:25-20:35 dance show Siderea
 20:35-21:00 announcement of team placement, official closure of PPO 2018
 After party
 21:00-00:00 after party DJ